The Importance of Typography in Web Design

The Importance of Typography in Web Design

We sometimes forget that typography plays a crucial role in WordPress website Development. With so many choices, choosing the “correct” one can feel overwhelming. But the good thing about fonts is that a little bit of knowledge goes a long way.

If you’re not familiar with the basics of using fonts to enhance a design, keep on reading. Below are some font tips you can use in your next social media or marketing campaign.

Use a Font That Matches Your Brand’s Character

Choosing the right font for your brand should be done carefully and thoughtfully. Keep in mind that a font should embody the character and spirit of your brand, as demonstrated in these examples. See how Maybelline Cosmetics use a feminine script font on their Facebook graphic, compared to Budweiser’s more masculine geometric font?

Text Should Be Easy to Read

It’s important to make sure that your font is readable, especially if you’re using it for longer bodies of text (such as presentations, pitch decks and infographics). Avoid using elaborate script fonts or uppercase text in large bodies of text as it forces strain on the reader’s eye and makes the overall text much harder to read.

Use Different Font Sizes

Using different font sizes in your designs will help create hierarchy – the order in which text is read. The eye is naturally drawn to large or dominant fonts, so choose the largest font size for your title, followed by your subtitle, then your body text.

Try Using all Caps

When starting out in design, most people opt to always use sentence case. However, for small amounts of text, especially your title or subtitle, all caps (capital letters for every letter in the word) can be very effective to emphasize things.

Maximize Letter Spacing

Letter spacing, also known as tracking, is just that – the space between letters in words. This can be increased or decreased manually. Increasing your letter spacing will help your type breathe, while decreasing it will tighten your type.

Experiment With Different Font Pairs

Use fonts that complement each other. When used together, different fonts create different effects. For example, the graphic below combines a decorative script font (“Sunshine”) with a geometric sans-serif font (“The bright side”). They balance each other out nicely. This is a fun font pair, which is great for social media designs.

Make Sure You Place Your Text Where it Can Be Easily Read

Clear, open areas that are great for placing text are referred to as copy space. If you’re working with images that have a lot of copy space, your text will be highlighted in these empty areas.


Remember that fonts play a critical part in almost all designs – from Facebook marketing graphics to album covers for artists. Don’t be afraid to give these tips a try yourself. They’ll help you create designs you can proudly share with the world, even if you haven’t had any prior website design services experience.

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