The Real Deal Skills You Need to Have Today as a Web Designer

The Real Deal: Skills You Need to Have Today as a Web Designer

What does it really take to be part of web design services? Being one is a lot more than what you expect. As websites become increasingly complicated, so do your clients’ demands.

The world of web design is fast evolving at an alarming rate. A few years ago, all we needed was Photoshop; now, we have read articles like this online to help us learn. Don’t be sad though, because this article is here to help.

From my POV, there are 4 crucial skills in web design that are becoming increasingly important these days. Here they are…

Learn About Marketing

Nowadays, website owners are starting to learn the importance of their online marketing strategy and why it’s more crucial than their website. The “build it and they will come” mentality is no longer viable; and, they know that their website is the hub for a broader approach.

A growing number of website owners are looking to engage their target audience using social media. They understand that their target audience is starting to lean towards online services such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram; and, they use these to reach them there.

Be Aware of Context

There was a period when you could make uneducated guesses about how visitors were gaining access to a website. The chances were they sat behind a desktop computer at their work stations.

However, things are no longer what they used to be. Now they could be using a smartphone on the sofa or a tablet in a coffee shop. This has a crucial effect on how we design web pages. We have to be aware of the context. We need to know how both environment and gadgets affect the way people engage with a website.


Many of our clients do not really know why they need their website or how they can measure the analytics behind it. They hire you without knowing that the website should be a facet of a larger strategy. Often it falls on our part to guide them through this process.

Enter the Client’s psyche

This last skill set may well be the most critical of all. In order to be a very good web designer today, we need to know something about the psychology behind our client.

Having some knowledge of human psychology goes a long way, rather than just design and applicability. Knowing how people think can also assist you with building and engaging followers. It helps you compose better copy, market your services, and “wow” through pitches.

Our job, in a way, exclusively involves understanding and engaging with our clients and their prospective customers. Whether users, clients or staff, if we can read how they think, we can influence them into taking action. We can convince and persuade them to go to the direction we are leading them.

If you want to impress your clients and have results that go above and beyond what the competition can provide, it is time to gain some knowledge and sharpen up those skills.

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