The Types of People You Meet in Offshore Business Services

The Types of People You Meet in Offshore Business Services

In outsourced business services and solutions, how you measure your team’s performance go beyond figures. You can’t measure your staff’s productivity by checking how many calls they took that day nor by the concerns that they solved. Instead, we measure their capabilities by the quality of service that they provide to the customers.

To do this, you have to know your team based on who they are and what drives them towards excellence. How to motivate them differs for each individual you handle. This is because each of them has their own priorities and inspirations. Because of this, they have unique ways of handling customers and mingling with their workmates.

To let them shine in the workplace, you may need to determine what drives them and who they are in order to personalize the way you guide them towards growth. Below are some types of personalities that you will meet inside a BPO:

The “Miss Congeniality”

In the office, social butterflies always look for ways to mingle and feel accepted by the team. What they like most is to build meaningful relationships and friendships with their colleagues. They are the most excited and most likely to volunteer in planning for the company’s team building activities and are very enthusiastic in joining them. They are excellent when it comes to teamwork and they want to make sure that there is a smooth engagement between members of the team. For them teamwork and good communication is the best way to achieve performance goals.

The “Go for the Gold” Type

Most of the time, the top performer in a BPO is an “achiever type” whose main motivation is to be recognized for their efforts. Being driven and goal-oriented, they are a valuable asset for any company. These people are very organized and are very clear about getting things done. They make for excellent virtual assistants and customer service reps since they are problem solvers.

The Leader Type

Often low-key, these types never intend to make an impression that they are leaders. However, they are really good influencers. What you will notice about them is that they are full of charisma and confidence. They are responsible multi-taskers who can handle several projects at once.

You can identify these guys as future team leaders or supervisors for the company. Challenging projects motivate them to push themselves forward.

The Intuitive One

Those working in a BPO who possess a “thinker” mindset may be mistaken for daydreamers – when in fact, they are just ambitious. They may not crave too much recognition like the “go for the gold” types, but they are very good in doing their roles in the company. Being intuitive and knowledge driven, what they want most is to learn and specialize in certain skills. They are the ones who are bored by routine and would rather have their creative juices flowing over challenging tasks.

As a BPO manager, it is your task to give them a clear career path, since they often become experts who outgrow their current roles.

The Creative Type

Creative and artist types like the ones we often see in graphic design and digital marketing value their independence. They favour projects where they can manage their own pace and time. They may not be that good in handling customer related tasks, but they are really good in managing deadlines.

What you can do for them is to give them flexible schedules and little supervision but make them aware of team goals, as well as set clear deadlines for their tasks.

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