The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Battle with Stress

The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Battle with Stress

Being a designer is one of the most fun jobs to have. It is a position where you work using your creativity and tons of imagination. But there are always moments when the things we love turn too routinely and quite stressful for us. This article will tell you how as a designer, you can beat the stress connected to our industry.

Designers have bosses and clients to deal with, deadlines that pile on top of each other, and other challenging projects that may put you on the verge of sanity at times. All these factors can lead to your breakdown if not addressed and managed quickly.

Here’s what to do when that sanity hangs on a thread.


It is imperative to follow a proper work schedule, but you need to balance this with good sleeping habits. Sleep is vital for a healthy body and mind, and it gives you the energy required to face the day. Sleeping well makes you alert and active, which will contribute to your productivity. In fact, as a person working in this field, I can testify that three hours of work with good sleep produces better output than eight hours of insomnia and coffee. Sleep well my friend and see how your stress levels will go down.

Get help

It is true that some projects may appear quite tough to handle. The good thing is that you don’t have to face them alone. Search for partners and teammates who can help you when the going gets quite rough.

Don’t let your projects weigh you down.

It is nice to be the hard-working type but never go beyond your threshold. You may only create too much pressure on yourself when you take on too many projects, in a tight time frame. Don’t beat yourself to death simply because of deadlines. Be truthful with your clients on what you can deliver instead of giving unrealistic due dates which you may not meet and which, in the end, will only make you look unprofessional.


Channel the Zen to your life. This is another effective way to cleanse yourself of stress. Meditation not only brings down stress levels but gives you the motivation you need to channel the flow of creativity. Meditate on things that keep you inspired, things that will make you happy, and think about your pleasant experiences in the past. All these thoughts help you stay put you in a positive mindset and will help you push through the day.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter releases chemicals in your body that makes you feel more positive. During specific intervals of your shift, find a moment to watch something funny on YouTube that will make you and the team laugh.

De-stress with the fam and the squad.

Your family and friends are an integral part of your life. Take a break and spend moments with your family and friends. Talk with them. Doing this goes a long way when putting your stress level down is concerned.

Take time to check out on your friends and hang out with them. Grab a cold one with an old buddy you have not heard from for a long time. Catch up with them and share laughs.

Manage your life, kid.

This is a practical and realistic way to bring down the stress rooted in your work life. Study work management skills that will help you find the balance between your responsibilities and life.

Mingle with your fellow creatives.

Being a pro in your chosen field, having open communication and rapport with your teammates is a great way to put positivity to your life. Aside from helping you become more inspired and motivated, hanging out with fellow designers may even help you learn about the latest industry trends.

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