Things About Augmented Reality That We’ve Been Getting Wrong

Things About Augmented Reality That We’ve Been Getting Wrong

In the past few years, augmented reality (AR) has been getting a lot of attention in the digital marketing services circles because of companies like Apple and Microsoft, who started capitalizing on the AR glasses and experiences.  However, there are still lots of things that we do not understand with AR. In this article, I’ll explain stuff about AR technology as we experience how big this technology has grown recently.

AR and VR Are the Same

Virtual reality (VR) uses the development of real-life simulations to create an immersive experience for us that makes us feel as if we are actually inside a digital environment. The VR world is designed so we feel the blur between what is real and what is not. AR puts digital enhancements created to enhance or alter the real-life environment.

However, both can be accessed via headsets or head mounted displays (HMDs). On the other hand, AR can also be accessed through smartphones, in which VR may not be viewed without the proper gear.

Augmented Reality Is a Recent Development

AR has been in use for more than a decade now.  The term “augmented reality” came from a Boeing researcher named Tom Caudell way back in the 90s. While looking for an alternative to the pricey diagrams and marking devices, AR was utilized then to help workers on the factory floor. Caudell and his team developed software that could show a plane’s specific schematics through high-tech eyewear and project them onto boards.

But, it wasn’t until the 2000s that augmented reality experienced a boom in popularity.  Because of mobile technology and the development of built-in camera and sensors it is now possible for mobile devices to access AR.

Augmented Reality Is Complicated and Hard to Use

With the fast evolution and popularity of smartphones, there has been a huge rise in the use augmented reality mobile apps.  These applications are user-friendly and make augmented reality accessible to the public.  Special skills are not needed for you to use AR.  It’s just like downloading a mobile app from the Google Play app store.

These days, there are lots of formats that include AR glasses and mobile devices from which you can access AR content. AR glasses and head-mounts are gaining immense popularity because of companies like Google and Microsoft.  However, a headset is not actually needed to use augmented reality. You can use mobile and tablet devices to access AR content like majority of Pokémon GO players in the world.

You Can Only Put Images or Text Over What the People See

Putting images or text is part of AR, but you can overlay on other things as well!  AR allows you to superimpose different elements onto the real environment.  One of the more common uses of AR is to superimpose 3D models of products to the real environment.  Architects and interior designers, for instance, can show their products to their clients in real-time and they can also determine if the design works with the environment they will be placed in.

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