Tips on How to Make Your SEO Job Fun

Tips on How to Make Your SEO Job Fun

Doing the usual SEO consulting services job is a bit like completing a tedious word search puzzle. You are tasked to browse through the content of a client’s website to ensure that the required keywords are put in the right places so that the website ranks high on search engines. This old-school keyword process is very critical, yeah right, but it’s also pretty dull and routinary for the person in charge of doing it – you. It probably won’t do much to enhance user experience either. Wouldn’t it be much better and more enjoyable if you can do something fun with your search engine optimization – something that would get more engagement, as well as leads to your site? There are cool methods to make SEO more creative and a whole lotta fun. By putting in some humor and the courage to let loose a bit, you could increase your results.

I’ll give you a really cool example. Back then, the SEO people working with Volkswagen used five different URLs, which appear when people search the phrase “ultimate business car” on Google Images. This creates a sequence of images that turn into a five-picture banner ad. The digital marketing stunt created so much buzz that people were talking about it for months.

However, you don’t need to be an SEO genius to add more life to your SEO strategies. There are many less difficult ways to inspire people to click on your website, engage and share. The key takeaway here is to make sure that the content you create grabs people’s attention – leading them to engage.

Blogging Is a Wonderful Way to Catch People’s Attention

If your website does not have one, it will really help to start a blog, which will help increase your SEO. First, a blog gives the impression that you are an expert or an influencer. This is particularly true if your posts get shared by media outlets or shared by relevant or trusted blogs. From time to time, it won’t be a bad idea to use humor in your articles. This puts a human angle to your content, which builds more trust and gives you more chances to be shared.

Try to Go Viral by Using Videos

Try to create a funny video and post it on all of your social media outlets, your website (with links for sharing) and on You Tube. This video must be able to utilize humor as you show your audience solutions to their problems, which are possible by using your products.

Start an Online Contest

The most popular ones are those that engage your clients and urge them to be creative. For example, if you (or your client) run a restaurant, challenge your target audience with a “Best Food Porn” contest. Announce your contest on social media, and send press releases online media outlets who will share your links.

If There Are Games, There Should Also Be Prizes

Some websites use games or interactive distractions to attract visitors, get shares and cross-linking. If your target market is moms with little kids, for example, a free interactive game is a nice way to attract them towards your website.

Always be creative and think out of the box, and don’t be shy to inject some humor when it is needed. Offshore SEO services can be really fun when you create fresh and  out-of-the-ordinary stuff that will lead more people to the site you are handling.

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