Traits you should check in getting your virtual assistant

Traits You Should Check In Getting Your VA

Taking advantage of virtual assistant services (VA) gives you the chance to work on important projects that will take your business to new levels. However, employing the services of just any VA will not suffice.

Do check out this list to see what characteristics you need before hiring outsourced virtual assistant services.

The VA should be professional

Professionalism is a very important factor. How does she sound when she answers the phone? Does she follow up fast when she promises to send you something? If she shows you respect, then it’s likely she’ll treat your customers well too.

Project management skills

It also helps if your VA possesses exceptional project management skills. Over time, you are going assign them with a load of tasks and you need to know that they can multi-task well—  while knowing priorities and deadlines as they juggle your client’s demands.

Skills and abilities

There are a good number of tasks that you can delegate to your VA. It is very crucial if you have a list of tasks you want them to perform. Before hiring a VA, ask first: “do they have the skills you need to do the work required?”

Tech knowhow

Almost all entrepreneurs rely on technology to help run their business: from websites, to Microsoft Word. Using technology can help your business run efficiently and will save you time and money. With this in mind, it’s ideal that your VA have excellent technical skills. Always check what software products they know how to use. Make sure your VA uses the same software that you are using, so that you can share files. If you have a website, hire a VA that knows how to do website maintenance. If you have technology associated with your website, like an online dashboard, make sure that the VA knows how to maintain your websites’ functions such as the shopping cart. Also, if your VA needs software to be compatible with your own systems, determine who will be responsible for dishing out the funds for this specialized software.


An important point to consider will be the availability of your VA. Does the VA work full-time or part-time? Will they be available on evenings and weekends? What time zone is the outsourced VA located in?


It is very important to determine how long the VA has been doing their line of work. While it’s good to know how long they have worked as VAs or administrative assistants, it’s more important to learn how long they’ve been doing the tasks that you want them to do. They may have done them for a previous employer for many years. There’s always a bit of a learning curve as a VA learns the cogs and screws of your business, but you shouldn’t be paying for them to learn new skills unless they’re unique to you and your business.

Good connections and references

Lastly, your VA should be able to give you good networks or references. Always ask yourself, “can my VA give me a list of people whom I may contact—  who will tell me how it was working with him?”

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