Virtual Assistants 101 The Dos and Don’ts

Virtual Assistants 101: The Dos and Don’ts

Taking advantage of virtual assistant services can be a make or break for your company. However, before you go out and hire a VA for your business, check these factors.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

Set Your Intentions, Goals, and Priorities Beforehand

Before hiring a virtual assistant, create a list of specific tasks that your VA will be working on. This will correctly establish your VA’s duties and responsibilities. This will ensure that both parties are working on the same page and that both of you know what you’ll be providing for each other.

Get to Know the VA You Are Hiring

As an employer or client, you have to spend some time to let your VA know you and for you to have in-depth knowledge of who they are. This is also the chance to educate them about their job and your criteria. This is the same to setting goals and introducing your standards; but, with the additional intention of building a professional, productive, and friendly work relationship.

Try Outsourcing to VA Agencies

If you are short on resources or time and you don’t intend to go through the process of screening and hiring a VA who would suit your set goals and objectives, you may consider outsourcing to a virtual assistant offshore agency or a BPO. A reliable and professional virtual assistant outsourcing agency can give you pros who will suit your qualifications and meet your business standards.

No No’s

Never Expect Too Much From Your VA

Though VA’s are very talented professionals, do not expect them to be geniuses and all-knowing. Do not expect to hire a person who can do social media, creative design services, customer service, and secretarial duties while juggling other at the same time. It would be like finding a rare Pokémon to see a person with such diverse capabilities from a single VA. Take note that virtual assistants have different skill sets.

Stop Rushing and Find Time to Think About It and Decide

Don’t let your anxiety get to you. Make sure that your agreements and terms and conditions are made correctly. If you need a confidentiality clause with your transactions, make sure that it’s clearly stated in your contracts. Always ensure that all critical areas are covered before you sign anything.

Never Let the Price of Your Virtual Assistants Dictate and Become the Basis of Your Decision to Hire Them

Getting the services of virtual assistants with the most affordable rates should never be a deciding factor – ever! Don’t let this be your standard for screening and hiring staff who you’ll be entrusting your business with. Invest in virtual assistants equipped with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that you need for your business. At the end of the day, this move surely is the most cost effective, especially when reliability and productivity is what you are after.

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