Want a Career as a Virtual Assistant

Want a Career as a Virtual Assistant? Read This First

With the popularity of BPOS, the need for those who want to be Virtual Assistants is rising. But the work of a VA is not an easy stroll down the beach. To make it in the industry, one needs to work hard. In this post, we are going to show you the things you need to learn before hopping on to the bandwagon.

Know Your Rates

First, decide on how much you are going to charge. If you choose to go freelance, you may want to charge by the hour or set a fixed price depending on the project. Some VA’s charge higher rates than others. When it comes to how much I ask my clients, I make sure my website clearly shows that I have expertise in some areas and why I’m worth the amount.

The longer you’ve been in the field, the better you get and the higher your fees are. Your rates will therefore be based on the aspects you specialize in, as well as your clientele. It’s much challenging to charge higher than it is to lower your fees, though you should never undercharge for your skills.

Research Is Important

One of the important steps you need to take in being a VA is learning the important aspects before taking the plunge. Read articles written in virtual assistant services websites like this site and visualize how you want to present yourself, choose what services to give, learn how to handle clients, and find the tools you need to perform your tasks.

Utilize Social Media

Join Facebook and other business directories connected to certain fields and you’ll get loads of sales calls, especially if you know how to do SEO.

Immerse in Social Media

Some people get clients through Facebook and LinkedIn, which help them research prospects and grow their network. Being in social media will definitely improve your SEO and visibility so grab the opportunity to get the most of it. But, you shouldn’t be playing around on your social media pages all day or you’ll never get anything accomplished.

Learn and Get More Skills

It is a really crucial thing to keep learning and stay on top industry developments – not only in your field but with new technology and business processes. If your skills are always in tune with the times then you’ll have more assets and key skills set and your services will definitely fetch a higher price.

As a virtual assistant, you have a myriad of roles. You are a social media page administrator, content researcher, bookkeeper, marketing specialist, web developer, content writer, and a hundred other things. Note that you are all this before you even start working and doing the tasks for your clients.

At first, you may not even think that you’re cut for the job. But, if you know you have the crucial skills needed and still want to be a VA after going through this article, then at least you now have a better knowledge of what a VA needs to have in order to be one.

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