Want To Be A VA Here Are Some Tips

Want to be a Virtual Assistant? Here are Some Tips

Having a Virtual Assistant job is kinda cool. But the life of a VA is not a walk in the park. To succeed in the field, I needed to work hard – but I also learned a lot in the process. In this article, I’m going to tell you everything I learned on how to be a Virtual Assistant.

Do Your Research

The first step in being a VA is by reading everything you can about the field. Check out articles written in outsourced Virtual Assistants services websites, think about how you want to present yourself, decide what services to offer, understand how to manage clients, and discover the tools you need to deliver your work.

Know How Much to Charge

Next, decide on your rates. If you’re going freelance, you could charge by the hour, by the project, or have retainer rates – or usually a combination of all of them. Some VA’s are more expensive than some other VA’s. When it comes to how much I charge, I make sure my website clearly outlines that I specialize in specific areas and why I’m worth the money.

You get better and faster the longer you’ve been in this biz so your fees should reflect this.

Your rates will therefore vary depending on your level of expertise, your client base and your industry. It’s much harder to raise your fees than it is to lower them and you shouldn’t undervalue your capabilities.

Learn How to Use Social Media

Add yourself to local business directories – you’ll get loads of sales calls but you’ll need the SEO at first. Join LinkedIn, go networking and try out as many types of marketing as you can to find what works for you.

Be Social Media Savvy

I often get work through Facebook and I use LinkedIn to research prospects and grow my network. A social media presence will definitely enhance your SEO and visibility so try to maximize it. However, you can’t be on your social media account all day or you’ll never get anything done. Schedule some useful information that shows you know your business and pop online when you have the time to talk to people and build relationships.

Share and Collaborate with Other VA’s

Don’t look at other VA’s as competition because your area of expertise is probably different than theirs. Virtual Assistants have businesses and challenges that are unlike other freelancers so it really does help to know someone who understands your line of work and can offer advice based on experience.

Don’t Stop Learning

It is very, very important to keep learning and stay on top of new developments – not only in your industry but with new technology, tools and ways to work. If you keep your skills up to date then you’ll have a more varied and valuable skills set and will be worth more money.

It sounds like you have to be a superhero to be a great Virtual Assistant – because you do.

As a VA you are an administrator, researcher, book-keeper, marketer, web designer, copywriter and a billion other things – and all this before you even do a single stroke of work for your clients.

You might not even feel that you’re not fit for it. But, if you think you have the necessary skills needed and still want to become a Virtual Assistant after reading this, then at least you now have a better understanding of what it takes to make the cut.

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