Ways to Automate Social Media to Make Business Easier

Ways to Automate Social Media to Make Business Easier

Marketing demands your team to exert so much effort and time since a marketer’s tasks is never finished. Startups and medium-scale businesses need to spend more time and money in getting their business out to the public. Yet, small businesses can quickly run out of resources. If you have to perform crucial tasks needed to run the operations of your business, social media can become a true nuisance.

Putting so much effort may end up with you losing track of your core business. That’s why one of the things we do in creative solution services is to automate as much of social media as possible.

Below Are Some Cool Things You Can Do When You Automate Social Media:

Put your tweets on queue

Twitter can take so much of your productivity, so avoid having to focus on Twitter by putting messages queued in advance. You will also be able to engage with more people on Twitter by spreading your tweets in a certain timeframe within the day.

Post updates on your RSS feed by using Dlvr

It to send updates whenever you post something on your blog or social media. This simple application can help you save so much time and effort.

Stay out of the normal and usually used triggers

If you run something that deals with travel, transportation, or lifestyle, you may opt to use IFTTT to post an uplifting shoutout every time the sun is up. You can also use this app to inform people of the weather by posting a nightly weather report.

Be able to share stuff to followers in your network

An app called Buffer lets you share across your networks by creating an inventory of cool articles and posts, which you can share at a scheduled time within the day.

Reuse old RSS feeds

If used sparingly, you can get old content and repost it by autoblogging. Autoblogging means you won’t be posting anything new. But, it will help you post relevant stuff automatically. If your site is WordPress-based, you can use certain affiliate apps, which automatically posts articles.

Reuse your non-seasonal blogs

Creating content eats time and effort; which is why you should create template, pillar, or should we say evergreen content that can you can re-use no matter what date or occasion it is. WordPress-based sites may use plugins like “Revive Old Post” to help you re-share old blogs on social media, and get more likes and engagement for them.

Applications help a lot

Majority of social networking tools have applications that are compatible with smartphones and browsers, so you can automate your social media even if you are away.

Do not automate everything

Interact personally with your followers on all of your networks at least once or twice a day. It’s perfectly fine to leave social media to the bots while you are away, as long as you follow up the engagement and interaction when you get back. Most importantly, don’t allow automation to remove the human factor in your social media marketing.

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