How VA Services Save 20 Hours Per Week

Ways How Virtual Assistant Services Can Help You Save 20 Hours Each Week

In this article, you will learn how hiring a virtual assistant (VA) can help you save 20 hours each week. Just imagine what you can do with those 20 productive hours. All that time can help you focus on growing your business.

Aside from your business, you can use those hours to do whatever you please. When was the last time that you had time for yourself? Having so much free time gives you the chance to reward yourself with that well-deserved break.

But, before you decide to outsource your job to a VA, consider hiring one who is very capable, has adequate knowledge of the nature of your business, and has the right tools to meet your demands.

Below is a list of tasks you can hand over to your VA, along with the number of hours you will save by outsourcing them:

5 Hours in Answering E-Mail and Customer Care

As your business grows or as you move up the corporate ladder, the number of e-mail you get will also increase. Soon, you will realize that you will be spending more than an hour each day just answering those e-mails or handling customer care related inquires. The task of answering emails robs you of time and focus, which you could be using to contribute to the success of your company. But worry no more. With a VA, you can assign them to be the ones to answer all those pesky e-mails.

5 Hours in Social Media and Content Management

In the age of digital transformation, you need to accept that social media is a very crucial part of your business, which doesn’t need your expertise nor your valuable time. Instead of doing the engaging, assign the task to a knowledgeable VA who can manage social media for you. Aside from that, your ever reliable virtual assistant can help you do social media tasks, for which you may not have the adequate skills to do like growing your social media engagement, increasing Facebook likes, or even creating a digital marketing campaign.

5 Hours of Office Tasks

As a business owner, it would be overkill if, aside from handling the core processes, you are also doing office tasks like bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, etc. By having your own highly-skilled virtual assistant, you will have someone who is very capable of handling all the paperwork for you.

5 Hours of Writing

Based on client feedback and observation, a lot of virtual assistants have potential or are already excellent digital marketers, who are very capable of sending your message to your target market by helping you create content for your blogs, newsletters, Facebook pages, and Tweets. Aside from that, most VAs know how to edit, proofread, or are knowledgeable of search engine optimization. Aside from creating content for online assets, your VA may also help you in records transcription, writing minutes of the meeting, and assist you in writing business letters and inter-office memos in a very professional manner.

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