Ways to Cope with Millenials in This Age of Technology

Ways to Cope with Millenials in This Age of Technology

Wherever you look these days, we Millennials are there. You’ll see us in every mall, gathering, event or campus with our heads down looking at Facebook and Instagram updates on our mobile devices. Even though you most probably see us in flocks, you’ll notice that we are more immersed in online interactions, liking Facebook posts or re-tweeting, rather than actually talking with our friends. You can never deny it. Now is our age and as someone whose work revolves around the technology we use, you have to cope with our existence.

These are the usual sentiments of millenials. In this article, we’ll help you understand them better.

Millennials are very impatient. They want information technology to be fast, streamlined and very convenient

What do millennial habits and attitudes toward technology and IT mean for digital marketing services? If we are going to look at it closely, it means that interactive technologies, from apps to mobile optimized websites to the prevalence of cloud computing, you need to provide the easiest, glitch-free, and smooth user experience to this demographic. In contrast to the common notion that millennials are tech experts who can make anything work to their advantage, their need for a more streamlined user experience constantly grows. Although most millennials find ways to learn how to use apps or complicated gadgets, they have short attention spans and they’ll most probably leave things behind before they learn to use it.

Millenials may be experts in looking for ways to make things work for their advantage, but they cannot handle or tolerate any bad user experience that may get in their way of hitting their objectives in the fastest way possible. There is a very good reason why Apple gets the most brand loyalty for millenials. This is because Apple focuses on smooth user experiences that help millenials meet their needs the fastest.

Technology Dictates How Millenials Communicate With Each Other

If we are going to compare Millennials with, let’s say, Gen Xers, they also have different communication habits, which revolve around mobile devices and connectivity through the Internet. Being raised in a time with access to information right at their fingertips, they are programmed to live an on-demand lifestyle, which focuses on a seamless experience, be it when they shop online or when they look for information. These kids also use their social media account to diss brands and technologies that fail them, making them either strong brand advocates or enemies. What make millennials look at brands either positively or negatively in social media are their user experiences. That is why if you wish to make millenials loyal to your brand, it’s best to invest in giving them the best user experience.

  • If we are going to sum up the things you should do to give millennials the user experience they want, it all boils down to:Mobile optimization;
  • Give them the best user experience because they have low tolerance to mediocre service;
  • Though they are quite impatient, they want to be in control of their decisions; and
  • Millenials may either praise or say bad things about your business online.

Although millenials possess a unique and ever changing set of needs, which revolves around technology, the skill to look at and figure out millennial online attitudes will give you the ability to succeed in this ever demanding generation.

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