Website Development Services 101 The Basic Parts a Business Website Should Have

Website Development Services 101: The Basic Parts a Business Website Should Have

A Unique Yet Easy-to-Remember Name for Your Domain

Your website’s domain name is the first thing you should think of and create. Don’t make it too complicated or your future clients won’t be able to remember it.

The About Page

Each website must be able to have a dedicated page where people can learn about the company and the products they are selling. Most clients would want to know the people and the company running the business. They want to find out if they are credible and if they must purchase their products. Before you market anything, you need to first learn how to market yourself.

Contact and Social Media Info

Social media and email are some channels where you can readily interact with your current and prospective clients. Do not tire your visitors by making them to search too hard for the info; instead, place them where they can easily locate it.

Eye-Catching Visuals

The graphics on your website do not have to be taken by top-of-the-line photographers or made by award-winning artists. You just have to be able to utilize photos that people are going to enjoy looking at, which also enhances the professional look of your brand image.

Frequently Asked Questions Page

Having an FAQ page is going to help save a lot of time for both you and the customers. This is where you give answers to the common questions people ask about your business. Be clear with your answers so people won’t have to ask again.

A Quick Call to Action

Add a direct call to action, which instructs your visitors on what to do next. Sometimes, people would be misled by the information they read from some sites. In your call to action, you are telling them to buy your products. You may also include “Contact Us for More Information” to create interaction.

Fast Hosting

Having a fast and reliable website means that your site immediately sees your visitor’s device and mobilizes accordingly. For this, you need to have fast and reliable web hosting that can handle the traffic of prospective clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Use search engine optimization or SEO to ensure that people will find you. In the competitive digital world of businesses online, chances are, people are not going to see your business if you don’t appear on top of the search engines. If you’re just new in the game, learn professional SEO practices or hire SEO consulting services.

Aside from the dos that we’ve provided above, here are the don’ts you should look out for and should avoid in your website. Never utilize flash animations and stream music on your website. Also, do not put embedded videos. Use YouTube or Vimeo videos instead.

These are just some of the basics that you can do if you wish to start a website for your business. Remember that your website is one of the best ways for people to know about your business. It will also drive not just sales and return of investment but also build your credibility along the way.

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