What’s a Day in the Life of a VA Like

What’s a Day in the Life of a VA Like?

Whenever I hang out with my friends, I often see mixed reactions when I tell them that I work in the virtual assistant services industry.  People often ask me, “what’s a virtual assistant (VA)?”

I use my best sales spiel to tell them that my aim is to assist business owners to perform their jobs efficiently by offering them support in their admin and creative functions, allowing them to focus on the meat and potatoes of their business.

A VA could also be described as a secretary, a marketing person, a social media and content manager, or even a customer care specialist.

Most of my clients agree that having a VA helped them become more productive because they can truly focus on their business goals.

At the moment, I work as a virtual assistant full-time.  I organize my tasks so that I have a schedule that I can easily follow, letting me multi-task and be more productive each day. Tracking time and being organized is one of the duties I need to fulfill as a VA.

Let me show you my typical day as a virtual assistant.

8 AM

I begin my work for my client.  This is where I monitor their email and remove junk and SPAM mail. I also flag important messages and respond on behalf of my boss.  My tasks at this time include sending out the daily reminders, checking and following up on appointments, and doing other managerial stuff.

10 AM

At this time, I check my emails and answer messages sent by my customers. I may also squeeze in following up any urgent tasks where I would confirm my client’s deadlines.

11 AM

I do my content management tasks at this time. I study and schedule social media posts for the scheduled as agreed upon with the client. I handle several social media pages for several clients that cover a very wide range of industries

12 PM

Chow time

1 PM

This is where I do most of the heavy client stuff. My tasks for the day may range – depending on the requirements set by my clients – from SEO/SEM content for blogs, doing industry research, drafting the content calendar for next month’s Facebook content, and other tasks.

5 PM

I check on my tasks list for the following day and see to it that all tasks for today have been accomplished. Then, I go home.

Each day in my life as a VA may change depending on the tasks I’ve agreed to do for my clients.  I enjoy working as a Virtual Assistant and seeing that business owners, especially those in startups, succeed by providing them with quality assistance so that they don’t have to be stressed out doing all the dirty work all by themselves.

If you’re looking to make things easier for you in handling your business don’t think twice to get outsourced virtual assistant services to help you in managing and organizing your tasks.

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