What’s the Mind of a Web Developer

What’s in the Mind of a Web Developer?

For website development services, each new project begins with a sense of eagerness that everything will happen without any problem happening along the way. However, even the best web developer can tell you that unexpected scenarios may happen, and may not go according to plan even in tasks as simple as WordPress website development. But always remember that there are things you can do throughout the website development process that will ensure that everything will flow smoothly.

Below are the best practices that you must observe to minimize the impact of the blows you receive from challenges you face along the way.

The Big Picture

A lot of developers have an obsession with code that they end up skipping the first step, which is planning. Because of this, they tend to end up writing code in circles. Before you start coding, you better check first the overall objective of why this project needs to be done. By doing this, you will learn about the priorities and not be held back by insignificant and unimportant stuff that may hold you back from progressing.

The User

Having a mock up you can test is much more budget friendly than the amount you will spend scrapping a project that people don’t want to use. Always keep in mind this basic rule that around 70% of your efforts should be focused on research and design, and the remaining will be for programming. Life will be much easier if your end product is user-friendly and accepted by the target market.

The Adage, “Quality Is Better Than Quantity”

Don’t complicate things. Each line of code you write must have a pragmatic purpose. Scrap anything unnecessary and relax.

Can the Code be Tested?

Testing is a very important tool that a serious developer utilizes. However, some code is written in complicated ways that in the end, it becomes almost close to impossible to test. Learn the best practices in testing and write code that’s easy to read, use and test.

Other Developers

This tip is applicable based on the project. What is this code for? Is this for temporary use or will these be a permanent feature of the website? Optimize code to be readable and make sure that the next web developer who will work on your code will be able to understand it.

Practice Makes Perfect

The longer you’ve been working as a web developer and the more experience you have, the lesser the bugs that will come out from your coding and the lesser the problems that may arise. Make it a habit to read up on the latest programming books and blogs to increase your knowledge and to ensure that your skills are on point. Lastly, keep practicing and learn from your mistakes.

What Will Happen in the Future?

Innovate but don’t do something that’s too high tech but may end getting scrapped since it won’t be put into use, not today, not in the future, not ever. User interfaces you design today will always be obsolete, but don’t over-engineer or go off the board in being too high tech.

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