Why Brands Need to be on Social Media Now

Why Brands Need to be on Social Media Now

To some, social media is a way to communicate to friends and family online. However, it is also a great means of communication between a brand and their target market. According to Adweek, 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels. Social media is not just about promoting your brand, it is also an effective way of showing that you value them too. Listed below are the reasons why you must be on social media at this point.

Brand Recognition

Brands, especially new ones, should not expect people to randomly find them. On social media, it is easier to get discovered, as almost everyone has their accounts on different platforms. Last June 2016, Facebook alone has about 1.71 billion users while YouTube has more than 1 billion registered users.

Creating relevant and relatable posts as a way of interaction with your customers enables them to stay up to date to what you offer and what the world are up to depending on the type of post you share.

Customer Loyalty

On social media, you have the opportunity to respond to your customers immediately; solving concerns and taking effort in answering their concerns. On Facebook, users can see the status of how fast you respond to messages, which may further encourage possible customers to contact and ask for your services if you respond in a timely fashion. Showing your customers that you value their input may seem small but it can have a great impact on how your customers trust you.

Targeted Ads

Social media offers highly customizable audience for your ads. While traditional ads, such as billboards and posters can be seen by everyone, it is more costly compared to placing ads on social media. You can also target different types of audiences or future customers based on location, occupation, and interests. For example, you can target your ads to parents with ages 30 to 40 years old, employed, and lives in the Philippines with a $50 budget.


Every time you post on social media, opportunities for people to buy or use your products are increasing. While not everything you do online will make people convert, the chances are higher as your followers’ opportunities to interact with you are higher as well. By using social media, brands can act like humans too, which is important for the reason that people want to interact with people, not with robots.

Personal Connection With Followers

Getting your first sale should not stop your relationship with a certain customer. You will want to be the first business they think of whenever they need something. Customer satisfaction goes a long way in building a community of loyal customers. While you use technology to deliver your message, it is you who make them stay. Customer retention will always be an essential part of a booming business.

Everything Is Measurable

You need to analyze and review why some customers are not coming back in order to further improve each service and product that you offer. On social media, almost everything is measurable; from their reactions to their comments, to what time they are online. This is why analyzing who your customers are is essential in knowing how you are going to communicate with them effectively.

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