Would You Take a Shot at Being a Virtual Assistant

Would You Take a Shot at Being a Virtual Assistant? Follow These Tips!

In a world where face-to-face virtual transaction and outsourcing are still a growing trend, a Virtual Assistant’s job is very in demand. But the day-to-day duties faced by a VA is not as easy as it sounds. For us to succeed in the industry, we need to do our research and work hard. Also, we need to absorb a lot of learning during the process.

Research is essential

One of the very first things you should do as a VA is to read as much as you can and research how an outsourced Virtual Assistants services does his or her tasks. Always consider how you want to present yourself to your client, think about the services you are aiming to offer, and learn how to manage customers and the tools you need to do your job with ease.

Know how much you charge.

How much do charge your clients? If you are doing the job as a freelancer, you may choose to charge by the hour, depending on the project assigned; or you may opt for retainer rates. Some virtual assistants charge more than other Vas. If you’re a specialist of a specific field, let the client know so the amount you’re asking for is justified. The longer you practice the craft, the better and faster you get, hence, your fees should reflect this.

Social Media is your ally.

Find projects through VA forums and groups on Facebook and use LinkedIn as means to find client prospects and widen your connections. Another good thing about social media is that it helps enhance your online presence which boosts your SEO and visibility, making clients easy to find you. But try not to hang out on social media all day or you won’t be able to finish anything.

Collaborate with other virtual assistants.

Treat other virtual assistants as colleagues, not as competition. You all have different areas of expertise. VAs have projects and skills that other freelancers do not have so it would help to find someone who can help you understand and solve the challenges you face.

Learning is a never-ending process.

It is very crucial to keep on learning to keep up with the changes happening on VA scene. Evolution happens not only in the VA field but also when it comes to the tools and the processes. If your VA game is always on point, then you will have a wider and more valuable skill set which could augment project offers and partnerships.

A VA is far from being just a secretary. Here, you are a copywriter, marketing assistant, social media manager and a whole lot more.

Sometimes, you may might even feel that you’re not fit for the job but, if you know that you have the right skill sets required for the job and aim to be a VA after reading this article, then go ahead and hop aboard the VA wagon. Good luck!

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