Killer VA Mind-Set

Wow and Earn the Trust of Prospects with these Killer VA Mind-Set

The life of a person involved in outsourced virtual assistant services may seem fun and interesting but the task of finding and meeting clients and going to the process of getting the job may pose as a scary challenge for some.

As someone assigned to communicate with people, gather data and present it in a client-friendly format, this probably robs logic out of the situation.

How can you get that client and make a good impression as a VA? You need to be capable of the job and also have the soft skills needed to give a wonderful first impression. We interviewed human resources consulting and here are some tips they gave us on how to land that job.

Understand the Importance of Human Interaction

When you meet with a client, keep in mind that you are both flesh and blood human beings. Though keeping things business-like is the norm, what you are engaged in is still human communication. Loosen up. Do some small talk. It will work wonders.

Don’t Be Scared. Clients Are People Too.

Don’t be nervous. As mentioned in the first tip, “you are both flesh and blood human beings.”

Be the One to Ask Questions

To make the conversation not one-sided, ask your prospects a number of informed questions. Do they use Mac or Windows? What types of audience do their Instagram pages cater to? What design appeals to them the most? What are their goals for the project?

Research on the Client and their Competitors

You need to have some knowledge about the specifics of your client’s business, the industry as a whole, and the campaign you will be working on – so do your research.

Agree, and then Qualify.

In this industry, it is often encountered being asked to talk about stuff that may fall out of my comfort zone. Faced with this situation, the best thing to do is say “yes” and then qualify your statement.

For example, if you have a background in writing code and are asked to write something for a mobile app and you have no experience with mobile optimization, be honest. Tell your client that you don’t have any experience in doing the task but you have basic knowledge in writing code. Tell them you will study the process and get back to them.

If an assignment falls completely outside of your area of job description, you could try to find a knowledgeable partner to collaborate on the project with. But always remember that lying to your client is bad and will definitely damage your rep in the industry.

Being Organized Will Take You a Long Way

Handling different clients and deadlines is quite hard for our mortal bodies so make sure you have the tools and process set up. Workflows and timelines will definitely save you from hassle. They help you organize your workload and keep track of things to come.

Don’t Forget to Thank the Client

When the project is done, make sure that you thank your client for entrusting you with the project. A simple gift will put you on top of your client’s mind and remind them how awesome it was to work with you.

Keep in mind that the client came to you to find solutions to their needs. Whatever need may that be, it is your role to accomplish it for them.

If you are good, you will always leave the perfect impression.

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